90 Years of Royal Childhood

In case you hadn't heard (yeah right!), the Queen celebrates her 90th birthday this week, which is a pretty mean feat by anyone's standards. Living so much of her life in the public eye, it is easy enough for newspapers and TV news bulletins to gather up lots of nostalgic images and video footage for the day but there is one theme in particular which is obviously of great interest to us here at Roses and the Stars, that of Royal Childhood and the changes (or lack of) that have taken place over the years.

Over the next few days we will chart the last 90 years of family life and childhood for the Royals and whether they're still relevant to parents in the modern age.

Children's Clothes

Royal baby fashion

As we can see from above, a child's wardrobe in the royal household hasn't changed much over the years but what's even more surprising is how much of an appetite there still is for these traditional rompers, smocked dresses and bonnets amongst the greater public. I suppose it goes to show that despite a huge increase in the amount of more casual designs available for children today, even the most trend setting parent loves to hark back to a bygone age, either to remind themselves of their own childhood or to stop their kids growing up too fast, a hard wish to be granted in a time of You Tube and 'mini me'fashion.

In particular we're obsessed with these bonnets by Briar Handmade (below) from the US who create hats in a variety of neutral of floral designs.

briar handmade girls bonnets

For smocked dresses, if you not like my family who seem to have every little girls dress saved (trust me, it's a lot of dresses!), Bonpoint (below) and Caramel Baby are still our absolute favourites. They're fantastic for any special occasion whether it be christenings, weddings or birthdays and although they are a bit of an investment you can pass them on to friends and family to get maximum wear.

Tomorrow we will be looking back at some of the most timeless toys from the Royal Collection and getting you up to speed on the best places for you to buy enchanting classics for a child you know.

bonpoint smocked girls dress

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