Blooming Beautiful: Beauty for Pregnancy and Motherhood - NEWSLETTER #5

Nathalie Bond Organics, lifestyle photo, pregnancy beauty products
Beauty for the Blooming Marvelous
This week we're focusing on Mums and mothers to be. After all, if anyone deserves a little pick me up as the dark nights draw near, it's the everyday heroes who battle the long labour, sleepless nights and sore nipples! We have a wonderful range of organic bath and beauty products so you can treat those who need it the most.
Roses and the Stars, scented candle for pregnancy
Savon Stories, Bergamot, Lavender, Geranium soap bar, pregnancy beauty products,
Nathalie Bond Organics, Rose and Patchouli body oil, pregnancy beauty products
Blush and Blow Bambino Beauty for children
ON THE BLOG THIS WEEK - We review London's best new beauty bar for mummies and their mini me's. Click HERE to find out more about this Bambino paradise.

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