Buying Sustainable Toys This Christmas Can Help You Give The Greatest Gift Of All

Wooden Story Toys For Children

A child's thirst for noisy plastic toys (which make up 90% of the current market) seems to quadruple this time of year, as the toy makers advertising budgets hit all-time highs to capture the excitement of Christmas. But what happens when these toys are inevitably pushed to one side to make way for the new craze in the new year? Most will head to landfill - If you've seen Toy Story 4 you'll know what we mean, but this time there's no happy ending...

Of course, we're not looking to dampen the magic of the festive season for you and your little ones. We know from experience that giving a child the perfect gift is the most rewarding part of the day. The way their faces light up and smiles spread across their faces, nothing is more infectious! Instead, we thought we'd put a few facts to you in the hope that it might inform some elements of your buying choices this Christmas.

Polka Dot Teddy Bears at Roses and the Stars

  • 40% of the toys we give to children are broken by spring
  • The average number of toys owned at any one time by a child is 30
  • 90% of parents feel that their children get given too many toys by friends and family members at Christmas
  • The average UK household produces almost 30 million tonnes of waste each year, 73% of this goes to landfill.
  • Landfill space is rapidly running out! 

At Roses and the Stars, we like to think of ourselves as realists when it comes to the issue of protecting the planet. In the world we live in today, it is unrealistic to think that Christmas can be passed by without any of these plastic toys being given to our children as gifts. Instead, it's about limitations and mixing up the load.

Wooden Story Christmas Toy Range

We make it our mission to stock toys which are friendly to the future of the planet for a whole host of reasons. Firstly we pick classic toys which can be easily passed on to other kids when your child has finished with them (increasing value for money as well as limiting rubish).

We also choose to work with small craftspeople and manufacturers who put sustainability at the centre of their process, whether that be using FSC certified woods and vegetable dyes, or handmaking to order so that there are no wasted products.

There are no batteries needed for any of our products so no need to put extra harmful toxins into the ground PLUS no tears on Christmas day when you don't have the right batteries to hand and the new gifts don't work!

Finally, our toys are made with fully recyclable materials from product to packaging. So whether you buy from our range by Wooden Story (above) or Polka Dot Club, you can be assured that you're doing your bit to make a wonderful Christmas for your children now but also for their children and grandchildren after them. Isn't that the most wonderful Christmas gift of all?

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