Can we start getting excited for Christmas yet?

Getting reading for Christmas at Roses and the Stars

It's the 1st of December and we can't contain our excitement about Christmas any longer... 

Everyone has their own family traditions so we thought we'd put together some of our favourites to get us into the holiday spirit. What are yours?

1. Firstly - light a Christmas candle so that the house smells wintry and festive. Mama Jones gets these lit as soon as possible to give her energy for all the jobs that need doing for the big occasion. Our family Christmases wouldn't be complete without the White Company Winter Candle and Kenneth Turner Signature Scent Candle

Christmas Candles

2. In the run up to Christmas, if we ever have any children staying, we get onto making paperchains. These were always one of our favourite things to do as a child. They're so easy to make and the kids really feel like they've made a contribution to the way the house looks at Christmas. We then hang them over the doors and around the banisters.

Christmas Paper Chains  

3. Now we're in December, we can get the Christmas songs on full blast! The kitchen in particular is always filled with carols and songs as the cooking preparations begin. From carols at Kings on Christmas Eve (Mama Jones' favourite) to a bit of Wham and Mariah for little sis Marina, nothing is better at getting us all in a cheery mood. For us, Band Aid is the most nostalgic song of the Christmas charts!

Band Aid Christmas Song

4. With the music on, it's now time to decorate the tree. Honestly, this tradition is prediominantly left to Mama Jones with the odd bit of help from the rest of us. You can't improve upon perfection (although doesn't everyone say that? It's like saying that your mum's the best cook!). With the boubles, tinsel, lights and star topper, Christmas is finally underway...

Christmas Tree decoration

5. Eat mincepies! Note how we say eat and not make... the cooking of these festive treats has been left entirely to little sis for the past 10 or so years! Apparently no one does them better and we're only to happy to samples the goods (yum!). And not forgetting the Christmas Cake - as top marzipan officianados it really is sensible that we're there watching it get decorated (hehe!) and take care of the scraps...

Christmas Mince Pies

6. Whether it be treats for the stockings or under the tree, with an immediate family of 25, there's always tonnes of wrapping that needs to be done. This is as much part of the tradition of Christmas than anything else. It's so satifying when they're all wrapped up at the end. All you need is a good Christmas movie, a clear table (good luck!), enough wrapping paper and sellotape to wrap Mount Everest, and you're good to go...

Christmas Present Pile

7. No Christmas is complete without a children's nativity play. Some of the songs might've changed a little from the classic Little Donkey and Away in a Manger, but the tea towel covered shepherds and the tinsel enveloped angels are enough for anyone to get nostalgic for their primary school days.

Children's nativity play

8. Whether it be the Eastenders Christmas special (don't judge!), the Queen's speech, one of the many Christmas cookery shows or a magical Christmas movie, TV during the festive season is blooming brilliant! One of our longest standing family traditions is everyone passing around the bumper edition of the Radio Times and circling what they want to watch in preperation.

Watching Christmas television 9. There's nothing we like more than an excuse to get dressed up. From old to young, the whole family loves dressing up in their finest for the Christmas Day celerations. 

Childrens Christmas Party Dress

10. And last but not least... we love getting merry with our family and friends! 

Roses and the Stars Family Christmas


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