Children of the Food Revolution

Children and the food revolution

Today marks Food Revolution Day, a world event put on by (my long time crush...!) Jamie Oliver. We all know that healthy food makes for healthy children, and that educating kids about food, where it comes from, what it does for our minds and bodies is all fundamental to a fit and fabulous future for the next generations. But what if after spending what seems like a lifetime in the kitchen, preparing some culinary delights for your little one, they simple refuse to eat it?

In a family as large as mine, my mum had her fair share of fussiness. Whether it was my little brother Rupert and 'the war on eggs' or my own phase as a 'Roast Pork Vegetarian' (bacon and sausages were of course allowed to pass the lips in true illogical childlike style!) - there was one thing that always got us through our meal times; our favourite dishes and bowls. Seems strange that the continuity of such a little thing could get us through beginning to end of a long Sunday lunch or early morning breakfast with little stress. Either that or our childhood living in the pottery capital, Stoke on Trent had made us a bit particular in our tastes of crockery?!

Vintage children's crockery tea set

In fact these stalwart items (above) still remain in the kitchen cupboard (with only one chip between them!) for when we have little visitors to stay; from Noddy to Barbar, they're each a favourite for someone.

Here is our choice of some of the best kids kitchen sets, to get your kids loving mealtimes just that little bit more...

Belle and Boo Cutlery Set (£10) and Melamine Set (£15) -

Belle and Boo are nostalgic characters for the modern day. Think Milly Molly Mandy for 21st Century! Belle and Boo cutlery setEmma Bridgewater, Men at Work Malamine Set (£19.95) - 

With superhero this and cartoon that, we can't help but embrace a little boy's simple love of engines and cars, making this set perfect.

Emma Bridgewater tractor and digger children's tea set

Jimbob Art, Plates (£25 each) - The animals are for the kids, the witty wording for the parents!

Jimbob art crockery for children

Posh Totty Designs, Melamine Plate (£7.50), Mug (£7.50) -

Sweet, simple and in neutral tones, these pieces blend into any stylish kitchen.

Posh Totty Designs children's crockery

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