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In our last Design Den of 2016, we speak to Sarah Werts, founder and designer at Blossom Paris, a brand which has proved  to be a favourite amongst our Roses and the Stars Family. From pram blankets and sleeping bags to changing mats and toiletries bags, these beautiful designs fit perfectly into the life for any new stylish mother and baby.

With her use of traditional Liberty Print and other simple exclusive textile illustrations, Sarah has created a label known for classic and clean design which has a worldwide following.

We're excited to be restocking this gorgeous collection in the new year and until then we give you access to our behind the scenes chat with Sarah were we discuss the highs and lows of being a one women design studio.

Blossom Paris | Roses and the Stars

What was the inspiration behind the name of your brand?

The brand was created in the beginning of spring when all trees started to get their blossoms. I was looking for a sweet name and ‘Blossom’ was an obvious choice!

What made you decide to set up your own label?

Definitely having my little girl! It was down to her that I discovered all the baby items on the market.

What’s the best thing about your job?

I love creating my own designs and seeing the development of the brand.

Blossom Paris | Roses and the Stars

Who are the other key members of your team and how do you split the jobs between you?

At the moment I just work with one other textile designer who creates exclusive prints for Blossom.

What’s been your career highlight in regards to the brand?

When Smallable’s buying team choose a large selection of the collection for their website.

What areas of owning your own business do you find the most difficult?

As the company is quite young, I have to be on every front! I, of course, work on new designs but I also have to be doing the communication side, the commercial side, and everything else.

Blossom Paris | Roses and the Stars

Where do you draw inspiration from for your designs?

The natural, botanical and animal worlds are a huge source of inspiration to me as well as all the fabrics I find at the trade fairs. However, on the whole, inspiration can come from anywhere: a colour on a painting, something I see on the street…

What other brands within the children’s style sector do you respect and why?

I love the brand Enfance Paris which proposes biological skincare for babies and children. The items are just perfect. I also really love all the lamps by Goodnight lamps.

The way in which consumer brands treat the environment has obviously taken a step forward in people’s consciousness. How important are environmental issues to you at your label and what are you doing to improve the situation

The production of my products is done from Portugal instead of the other side of the world, therefore helping me to cut down my CO2 emissions. I also use natural materials wherever I can and this makes up most of the range.

Blossom Paris | Roses and the Stars

If you had to pick the perfect gift from your current collection, which piece would it be and why?

The Mishka sleeping bag!  The print has been developed just for Blossom and the small bears will be perfect for the cold winter!

If you could sum up your brand in 3 words what would they be?

Timeless, fresh, poetic.

Blossom Paris | Roses and the Stars

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