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Camomile London Kids Interior Design at Roses and the stars

Do you ever feel that now you have children you're expected to compromise on style in your home? Are design options for kids too 'cutesy' for your own taste? At Roses and the Stars, we're proud to stock part of the beautiful range of interiors and nursery accessories by British brand Camomile London.

Having only launched just over a year ago, this brand has already built up a huge following of dedicated fans who love their blend of muted colour tones and contemporary pattern design. Modern living means that bits and bobs for baby are no longer constrained to the nursery alone.

Camomile London Interiors for Children at Roses and the Stars

Modern living now means that bits and bobs for baby are no longer constrained to the nursery alone. Instead, we now bring these pieces, whether is be duvet covers, quilts or swaddles, to other parts of the home and outside world. The Camomile London aesthetic makes this conundrum a joy and means a cool mama doesn't have to compromise on her own personal style.

It's a family affair at the label, with mother, father and daughter all on board. Here we catch up with the mummy of the clan Helen Boleto to hear about her influences and what's it's like keeping it in the family.

What was the inspiration behind the name of your brand?

We were looking for a name that communicated the feeling we had for the brand – tranquil, calm, and harmonious. 

What made you decide to set up your own label?

We realised after Daniela had her first Baby Leo, that there was a very limited choice of stylish, contemporary nursery/children’s bedding in the marketplace. We wanted to design a collection for parents looking for interiors pieces that suited their own style as well as worked harmoniously within a nursery and their home. Our combined vision and experience, both in fashion and home, plus our creative intuition lead us to create Camomile London. This was our moment to work together as a strong family unit.

Camomile London Interiors for Children at Roses and the Stars

What’s the best thing about your job?

Working alongside my family and having the children close by (Daniela now has two little boys – Federico (1) and Leo (3)). Taking care of their needs and the needs of the company at the same time is a unique experience. Having the children around us also inspires us with new ideas and although it’s hard work it’s very rewarding! We get on so well together and we have great respect for each other’s work. 

Who are the other key members of your team and how do you split the jobs between you?

My daughter Daniela is the Creative Director. She designs the collection, manages all the marketing, brand awareness, photography, and website.  I handle sales, production and planning.  We also have Pino (my husband/Daniela’s Dad) who handles accounts, logistics and our warehouse. He also speaks 5 languages, which is very useful when we exhibit aboard and when we are speaking to customers around the world. All three roles are very important for the company.

What’s been your career highlight in regards to the brand?

Launching the brand last year and the instant sales we started to receive on our website has been wonderful.

What areas of owning your own business do you find the most difficult?

Keeping up with the demand and having to juggle between so many areas alongside our family life can be challenging.

Camomile London Interiors for Children at Roses and the Stars

Where do you draw inspiration from for your designs?

Our designs are influenced by the simplicity of Scandinavian living and Japanese prints along with elements of British homespun. We’re also inspired by our own travels.

What other brands within the children’s style sector do you respect and why?

La Coqueta for beautiful classic pieces , Bon Ton for their confidence with colour and Kalon Studio in the US for their craftsmanship and the quality of the production on their very stylish children’s furniture.

The way in which consumer brands treat the environment has obviously taken a step forward in people’s consciousness. How important are environmental issues to you at your label and what are you doing to improve the situation?

In terms of the environment, we make sure all the dyes and printing processes used are non-toxic and meet the required international standards.

When we send out our orders we use the minimum amount of packaging and all receipts and order information are made by email to help reduce the amount of paper waste.

Camomile London Interiors for Children at Roses and the Stars

If you had to pick the perfect gift from your current collection, which piece would it be and why?

The thick hand quilted blankets because they are so multi-functional. They can be used on the bed or as a play mat or on the couch and for winter everyone wants to snuggle up to keep warm in them.

If you could sum up your brand in 3 words what would they be?

Uncompromised quality and detail.

Camomile London Interiors for Children at Roses and the Stars

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