Having an Autumn Baby? Here's our pick of the best seasonal baby names.

Autumn Baby Names

With burnt reds and oranges in the trees and skies and the smell of wood on the fire caught on the air, Autumn is a beautiful and inspiring season. If you love this time of year as much as we do, you might be interested in our choice of favourite Autumnal baby names. 

Do you have a child with one of these monikers? Are you looking for a name for your upcoming arrival? We hope that these catch your attention!


Fox autumn baby names

Fox - with a red bushy tail and woodland home, this cool baby name evokes a wonderful wild autumnal image.

Lennox - this Scottish name translates from the original Gaelic as 'Elm Field' where the Elm tree is associated with fairies and elves in traditional mythology.

Hunter - a strong name taken from the original noun. Associated with the outdoors and country pursuits.

Woody - a trendy name used particularly in America. The name started as a nickname for Woodrow which became popular after the presidency of Thomas Woodrow Wilson.

autumn baby names

Guy - remember remember the 5th of November - nothing smells of Autumn more than fireworks and bonfires on a cold November night.

Rory - a Celtic name from meaning Red King, this has long been a popular name throughout the British Isles.

Rowan - evoking images of their bright red berries, the Rowan tree was the original inspiration for this name. 

Rowan autumn baby names

Heath - originating from 'uncultivated land', this baby name is wild and boisterous as shown by the untamable Heathcliff in Wuthering Heights.

Oak - the daddy of the forest, an Oak tree is commonly used as a symbol of strength and endurance.

Ash - this name has a dual autumnal association, evoking memories of cosy fire's as well as woodland trees.



Amber - meaning jewel, this is the name for the golden gemstone that is known as nature's time capsule, often found preserving life for thousands of years.

Amber Autumn baby names

Octavia - although originally meaning eighth, this girls name is a traditional choice for those born in October.

Persephone - according to Greek mythology, Autumn starts when Persephone returns to the Underworld to live with her husband, Hades.

Hazel, autumn baby names

Hazel - derived from the trees that give us hazel nuts, often eaten over the season. 

Laureltaken from the tree of the same name, the scent of this aromatic evergreen comes to life in the autumn months.

Saffron - meaning yellow, you might think of the exotic spice of the same name, associated with wealth.

Saffron autumn baby names

Daphne - Greek for Laurel tree, taken from Greek Mythology in which Daphne gets turned into a Laurel tree in order to stop the advances of Apollo.

Sapphire - long used as the birthstone for those born in September, the stone represents love.


Sienna - originating from the colour of the buildings in the Italian city Sienna, the name is now often used to descript tawny tones.

and finally.... AUTUMN - because sometimes nothing can beat going straight to the point!


autumn baby names

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