Here Comes The Child: Baby's 1st Wedding

Baby's First Wedding | Outfits from Roses and the Stars

As I write this post, the sun is shining, the flowers of spring are in full bloom and I couldn't think of a more lovely day to say I do. Yes, it's starting to become that time of year again, where every other Saturday is taken up by the wedding of a friend, cousin or colleague. 

Although some weddings still have a strict no child policy, unless you are of course a coveted page boy or bridesmaid, more and more wedding parties include babies on the invitation. This trend seems to stem from a new relaxed way of doing things. No longer are weddings based around severe churches and stuffy hotel wedding receptions. Instead, in this modern day, you can get married anywhere and this new casual approach is reflected in the inclusion of mini-mes on the guest list. 

There's also the cost of an all day babysitter to be added to the expense of the hen do, the wedding present, and the night in a local B and B for the wedding itself. You can see why parents feel inclined to bring their little ones along for the party, if only so not to add to the bill of the celebrations.

Baby's 1st wedding | Outfits from Roses and the Stars

Apart from the obvious wedding party members, any baby brought along to these gatherings are of course put on a pedestal. For some it will be their first meeting with Great Aunt Janet or Sarah, the second cousin once removed. And so despite these little ones not playing an official role on this momentous occasion, parents still want their little angels to look dressed up for the day and as gorgeous as ever before they're passed around from guest to guest.

At Roses and the Stars, we're here to help! We've put together our favourite wedding outfits for your little ones, so whether you're watching friends say I do in a casual civil ceremony or your sister walking down the aisle of the village chapel, your babies will look the part. We just hope the happy couple don't get overshadowed by your beautiful babies...

Baby's 1st wedding | Outfits from Roses and the Stars


Baby Boys

Arsene et les Pipelettes, Surfer Shirt - £40

Arsene et les Pipelettes, Red Trousers - £40

Donsje, Panda Sandals - £50


Beach Wedding Baby Boy Outfit

Baby Girls

Question Everything, Pink Smocked Dress - £37.99

Donsje, Cow Hair Sandals - £50

Beach Wedding Baby Girl Outfit


Baby Boys

Olivier Baby, Navy Linen Bloomers - £32

Olivier Baby, Kite Liberty Print Shirt - £36

Donsje, Grey Moon Booties - £45

English Country Wedding, Boys Outfits

Baby Girls

Olivier Baby, Liberty Print Sun Bonnet - £24

Arsene et les Pipelettes, Hot Coral Lurex Cardigan - £40

Olivier Baby, Liberty Print Sun Dress - £39

English Country Wedding Baby Girl Outfit


Baby Boys

Olivier Baby, Jade Cashmere Pea Coat - £59

Knot, Fish Embroidered Body - £30

Knot, Blue Knitted Romper - £32

Formal Wedding Baby Boy Outfit

Baby Girls

My Little Cozmo, Turquoise Cardigan - £45

Question Everything, Heart Dress - £38.99

Formal Wedding Baby Girl Outfit


Baby's 1st wedding | outfits from Roses and the Stars

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