Of all the days in the year, you had to be born into mine!

It seems to me, beyond coincidence that of all the days in the year my big sister Laura gave birth to her youngest Agatha, on her own birthday! Blessing in disguise or gross miscarriage of justice?!

I remember getting the news of Aggie's arrival all those years ago. 'Best birthday present ever' and I knew it was the truth - how could it not be (see below!).

mother and child, shared birthdays


However the only day of the year that was all about Laurs is definitely not any more. Now of course it's all about organising parties, making birthday cakes and party bags and looking after a class of children. Exhausting on any day but surly even more so when deep down you know that this used to be a day you could do what you wanted!

I suppose the joy is that now, when birthday's mean less and less with the years, the excitement you once had about your own, you now have on behalf of your child. I have a friend from school who shares her birthday with her Mum and of course she loves it. To her it's a special bond that the two of them have; a special day which the two can share together.

On reflection, by giving up this day that was once for you and sharing it with your child you're really creating memories and bond which lasts a lifetime. I guess that's what motherhood is all about!

Dedicated to two of the most awesome girls I know - Happy Birthday! xxx

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