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It has long been a tradition for partners to mark the birth of a child with a gift for mum. At Roses and the Stars we believe this tradition shouldn't stop with other halves, we should all take along a treat for both mother and baby during our celebratory visits. 

From flowers to chocolates to yummy bath products, there are lots of ways to treat this new mama in your life. We've put together a selection of fantastic jewellery pieces that won't break the bank and make beautiful and personal presents, perfect for celebrating such a momentous event.

From their baby's birthstone to a simple initial or personal message, these are gifts which both mummy and child can keep forever.

Personal necklaces for mums, mummy jewellery

Clockwise from top left:

1. Rachel Jackson, Tourmaline Birthstone Necklace (October) - £95 - SHOP NOW

2. Merci Maman, Gemstone Necklace - £69 - Merci Maman

3. Harry Rocks, Initial Disc Necklace - £65 - Harry Rocks

4. Rachel Jackson, Art Deco Initial Necklace - £40 - SHOP NOW

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