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Hand me down children's party dresses

The hand-me-down. The sloppy seconds. It doesn't sound like the start of a love story but that's about to change. To mark Fashion Revolution Week we're reflecting on the clothes that started our love affair with fashion and style whilst encouraging you to have a route around in the wardrobe to rediscover the pieces that inspired your love for clothing and design. 

Whether that's the bespoke vintage jacket once owned by your grandmother or the skirt picked up at a market on your travels to somewhere new and exciting, we all have pieces that we love, that get us excited to wear them and that take us back to another time in our lives. These are the pieces that no amount of 'fast-fix' fashion can replace.

We hope that these stories will inspire you to buy quality pieces in the future, look after them properly, have adventures to cherish whilst wearing them and most importantly put an end to us all buying disposable 'fast fashion' which is rapidly filling up the world's landfill.

Traditional Girls Party Dresses

When choosing the focus of our fashion love story there seemed to be only one obvious choice, or rather one obvious selection. Growing up, my sister Marina and I, like lots of girls, were dressed up for tea parties in our finest party dresses. Made of beautiful silks with hand stitched smocking and peter pan collars, these dresses were the things of Alice in Wonderland's dreams. 

Luckily for us, we had access to some of the best party wear around in the form of 'Anthea Moore Ede' my aunt's exquisite own label as well as our introduction to Bonpoint, a brand I would later work with and that very much helped form my obsession with children's fashion (at a price!).

Don't get me wrong, I know that as a young tomboy, I used to make a big old fuss about wearing these beautiful creations, but little did I know the lasting impact they would have on my life, namely my decision to make my career in the world of childrenswear, and my continued desire to champion the importance of quality and craftsmanship. 

Traditional Girl Party Dresses

As if this wasn't enough of  a reason to treasure these pieces, the enjoyment of them has come round full circle, as now I get to enjoy the pleasure they give to my many nieces, especially Jessie my little fashionista, who informed me, that 'trying on the pretty dresses' was one of her favourite things to do at Granny's house ( as shown at the top of this post).

Ok, so there might not be the opportunity for little girls to need dresses like this anymore, as birthday parties move on from afternoon tea and magicians to trampolining and cinemas, but to us it's the example that quality wins out in the end and part of the magic of clothes are that they can be passed on and loved by multiple generations.

With this story in your mind, we hope you view the collections we source at Roses and the Stars with new eyes. Each piece has been chosen so we can provide you with products that have been handcrafted and produced sustainably, that are classically designed and don;t adhere to passing trends and are made of top quality materials, so you can pass on your baby's clothes to others in your family or friendship circle, and continue to get pleasure out of our dresses, dungarees, cardians and rompers, for many years to come.

 Traditional Girls Party Dresses




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