The Battle of the Thank You Letter

I heard on the radio yesterday that this week is National Stationery Week (they have awareness for everything these days!). As a bit of a stationary nut (I'm the girl who can easy waste an entire afternoon in Paperchase!) I've used this as an excuse to hand pick some of my favourite brands for child and adult alike.

With technology encroaching more and more into our lives, there are some lessons that just aren't being passed on to children in the same way as when I was growing up. Now some of you who know me well will start to laugh at this point because, yes I'm about to rant about Thank You letters or rather, the dying out of the Thank You letter...

Chilldren's Thank you letters

From when I could hold a pencil in my hand my mum would patiently sit with me and get me to write my name at the bottom of cards after birthdays and Christmases and school friend's parties. I soon graduated to having to write a short card all by myself and then the letter, the full blown newsy letter informing this kind person of my entire birthday party or Christmas holidays. Although at that age the idea of writing all these letters rather clouded the enjoyment of said occasion,  it's a skill which in my adult life I value more and more.

These celebratory occasions where gifts are given or parties thrown, seem to happen pretty regularly in my family as you can imagine and as a result I don't manage to get to them all, so the obligatory thank you letters I get from the little ones are actually a real highlight for me (as seen above).

In an age where it's easier to send an email or text if you bother to send anything at all, these little notes are becoming rarer and more treasured (to me at least!). Here are our top selection of stationery items to get your kids back into the Thank You Note groove...

This is Nessie (

There are tonnes of fabulous designs to chose from for both boys and girls (and adults too!) all ripe for picking. You can decide to have stationery with or without personalisation and play upon your child's interests and hobbies from horse riding to tractors...

This is Nessie Children's stationary


Papier (

By partnering with some of the industry's leading illustrators and artists, Papier has curated as colourful and stylish selection of personalised cards, invitations and writing paper. Although the selection is predominately focussed on the 'grown up' letter writer, there is also a lovely selection for children. As well as using straight designs, customers are also given the opportunity to use personal photographs to be at the centre of their stationery set.


Papier Children's stationary

Minted (

Minted is an online community of independent artists and designers from throughout the USA (Examples below from Karidy Walker and Hailey Myziuk). You can chose from an amazing range of artistic styles and designs. Everything from font and paper colour, to layout is entirely chosen by you!

Minted Children's stationary

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