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It seems fitting that I introduce you to Roses and the Stars today, on National Siblings Day, because as you'll notice over the course of my blogging, I have a lot of them, 6 to be precise, all of which are bound to feature heavily in my future commentaries!

Brothers and sisters Roses and the Stars familyAs you can imagine, being this steeped in siblings, has caused a huge amount of fascination throughout my life and has always been a quirk I've been rather proud of; even more so when I got landed with the responsibility of becoming 'Auntie Rose'! My first nephew, Arthur (already 18 - OMG!), came onto the scene when I was a 10 year old school girl and I never looked back. Since then another 8 nieces and nephews having come gurgling into my life with 2 more set to arrive in July... that's a lot of presents to buy! This unique situation (and family) has gone on to inspire my business: Roses and the Stars.

Nieces and Nephews, Roses and the Stars family

In September, I will be launching my online store, specialising in beautiful and nostalgic gifts for new-borns and their mothers, so if like me you seem to always be on the look out for 'another' present for 'another' new addition to your family or friendship group, I hope you'll bear us in mind and spread the word.

So many of my favourite activities to do with each of these kids is based on the nostalgia of my own childhood; picking fruit from the hedgerow, playing board games, building dens or visiting the characters I used to love as a child whether it be Babar the Elephant, or Paddington the Bear. What continues to surprise me the most is that in a world of Ipads and You Tube, they still get as much pleasure from these things now in the modern day as I did all that time ago.  These simple pleasures and childhood memories will go on to shape much of the content of this blog and our brand in the future and I can't wait to hear your thoughts on all of our posts.

Please keep in contact across all of our social media media channels to be kept up to date on how things are progressing over the coming months! Rosie xx

Vintage baby photo

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