Toys that Never Go Out of Style: By Royal Appointment

We continue with our series on Royal Childhood by putting the spotlight on toys. Although aged 90 the Queen probably won't be receiving many toys on this particular birthday archive images show her and her family as children with a variety of timeless pieces. Despite the advancement of toys for the modern age, especially created for child play development, it's fantastic to see that these classic gifts have stood the test of time.

Royal Children and traditional Toys Every child needs a noble steed (especially if you're a knight in training!) and a rocking horse is still one of Britain's most popular toys. There's a huge amount to choose from all varying in style and price but pick the right one and you also have a timeless interiors piece for your home as well as a fabulous toy which gives hours of fun, not only to your own children but to all the kids in your family for generations to come.

UK based craftsman at The Rocking Horse Shop ( create stunning hand-crafted masterpieces. As someone who's always been fanatical about African wildlife, I'm particularly keen on this Zebra model (very on trend!).

Rocking horse zebra

Pedal Cars have also long been a popular toy for children in the UK. Prince Charles famously adored his Aston Martin version (above). French brand Baghera ( manufacture the most stunning car selection for both boys and girls (some things have changed... phew!) and range from classic car models (below) as well as their new Streamline version which allows children to have a place to stash their favourite teddies!

Although more expensive than a lot of toys on the market (what else would you expect from the Royals!) there is something to be said in investing in toys which allow children to be mobile and use their imagination. It's no more than we seem to spend on an ipad's and other technology for our kids and they certainly don't need to be updated every few years with a new version! Next time we take a look at the Queen's upgrade from play horse to the real thing, and the important role pets play in a family (even Royal families!)

Baghera Bianchi white pedal car

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