We're Bonkers For Bunnies! - NEWSLETTER #10

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We're Hopping Mad About Bunnies

Whether they're bouncing on blankets or hopping over cots, we think bunny designs are fantastic for baby accessories and nursery decor. Inspired by this month's collaboration corner, featuring our favourite bunny girl Miffy, we've picked some of our favourite rabbit designs from our collections. 
Evoking memories of fluffy innocence and youthful exuberance, no animal is better suited to a cute baby gift...


Petit Pehr Bunny Pin Basket | Roses and the Stars

Petit Pehr, Bunny Pint Basket

Bunny Rabbit Bunny Mobile | Roses and the Stars

Petit Pehr, Bunny Mobile

Wooden Story Bunny Rabbit Teether | Roses and the Stars

Wooden Story, Bunny Teether

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