You can always Call on the Midwife

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As anyone of my poor housemates will tell you, I'm obsessed with all Midwifery based TV shows... From Call the Midwife, to One Born Every Minute, I find these women (and men) absolutely remarkable.

Today is International Day of the Midwife - the unsung hero. I say unsung because, that's it, after delivering you baby safely into this world they're gone, out of your life and into someone else's. After having 7 children, Mum can only remember the name of one of her midwives (Lorraine who looked after her when she had my little sister), and yet they play such an important role in helping us form our families. Sob use today to think back to those who helped you push on through (literally) and do what you can to support their work for the future.

Here are a list of my dream midwives for whenever the night shall fall:

Lara (One Born Every Minute, Southmead hospital) - she totally cracks me up which I would've thought is an important quality

Lara, one born every minute

Sister Evangelina (Call the Midwife) - straight talking and takes no sh*t! I would definitely need that

Sister Evangelina, call the midwife

Hana (One Born Every Minute, Liverpool Women's Hospital) - she looks handy with the aromatherapy oils and seems totally calm and philosophical all of which is pretty handy

Hana, one born every minute

Chummy (Call the Midwife) because it's Chummy!!

Chummy, call the midwife

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