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Donsje (the word for 'Fluffy' in Dutch) was born from the imagination of established dutch shoe designer Floor Slingeland, who became increasingly frustrated with the limitations of the children's shoe market after becoming a mother. Having initially built her first shoe brand (Donchoo) whilst an expat in Singapore, she set about creating her products through connections in Indonesia. Now based back in Amsterdam, Donsje production still takes place in Indonesia from their own factory. This team is made up of local artisans who hand make each pair of booties either from the factory or from their own homes. By owning the factory themselves, Donsje can be certain that this team of craftspeople are not overworked, paid a fair wage and treated with respect.

Each pair of shoes is designed to keep feet well protected, and with space to move freely so that baby's feet can develop safely in preparation for their first wobbly steps.


As well as being off the scale on the cute-o-meter with their animal hats and fluffy shoes, Donsje designs with a conscience. As well as owning their own factory and taking responsibility for the lives of their team in Indonesia, founder Floor and her husband Skief also set up the Shining Star School in Kenya. This charity was created in 2010 to provide nursery schooling and free meals to some of Nairobi's slum children. We love it when successful companies decide to give something back and break away from our take, take, take society.


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* Please notes, our main collection by Donsje will be arriving at the end of September.