Nathalie Bond

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When Nathalie was pregnant with her first child, she made the decision to stop using beauty products with synthetic chemicals because our bodies absorb everything we apply, (on average women apply 168 different chemicals onto their skin every day).

Nat set about creating her own simple soap and balms, using only natural oils and butters that are safe, gentle and can be sourced sustainably. Nathalie Bond Organics is now a growing family business, making and selling their range of effective skincare from their workshop at the edge of the Peak District National Park.


We don't think there is any need to put harmful chemicals into your skin when nature has been doing such a good job of keeping us happy and beautiful all on its own. Each product made by Nathalie and her team has been created in small batches in order to minimise their impact on the environment and created using the best ingredients directly sourced from our wondrous planet. These products also smell so delicious, you really feel like you're bringing the beauty of outside, in.

A percentage of Nathalie Bond profits are donated every year to World Vision in order to prevent children from some of the world's poorest countries dying from treatable illnesses, a cause we love supporting through our work with this charitable brand.


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