Olli Ella

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Started by sisters Chloe and Olivia Brookman in London 2009, Olli Ella creates quality furniture and home accessories for nurseries and kids bedrooms. Each piece is designed so they can easily be transfered, from baby's nursery to playroom to grown up spaces, over the course of it's life.

The furniture and bedding collections by Olli Ella are manufactured in England or Australia, where Chloe now lives. If pieces can't be made to the highest quality in these countries, the label sources fair trade factories elsewhere so that the Olli Ella ethos is maintained in every piece. 


Just because you're having a baby, doesn't mean you've suddenly stopped having a eye for style! The Olli Ella basket range perfectly combines the nomadic feel a Moroccan souk with a range of bright colours which are fun for all kids to have in their rooms. Plus we love products which are multi-purpose. These baskets work really well for storing toys, nappies and laundry and are also fabulous accessories to have around when the kids don't need them any more. Use them for plants and create your own hanging baskets...


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