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Each teddy bear from Polka Dot Club is lovingly handmade by founder Jen Murphy, using only natural materials such as traditional mohair, like the first teddies of the 20th century. Inspired by the affection shown towards these heirloom toys, PDC creates classic bears for the modern day, each in a range of beautiful colours and outfits, each one packed full of character.

Traditional bear making skills have only been adapted for safety with the inclusion of safety eyes and 100% cotton stuffing, all sourced from the local USA cotton fields.


Here at Roses and the Stars, our teddies are still some of our most loved childhood possessions - you can't replace the bear that's been with you through thick and thin! We believe Polka Dot Club to be the best at creating heritage inspired bears for the modern day. When so many changes take place daily in the worlds of technology and modern living, we still think that teddy bears are the best toy you can give for a new baby, inspiring imagination and friendship for their lives to come.


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