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Waddler is inspired by the lifestyle of founders Philip and Marina Thompson who back in 2008, packed up their lives in London to set off on an adventure to South America with their small son. Whilst living in the remote foothills of the Andes, the couple saw how their child responded to the magic of an open-air existence - picking avocados, riding bareback and watching fireflies light up his bedroom. This wonderment for the world seeps into every pore of this enchanting brand.

It was during these travels that they discovered the story of the Alpaca and it's yarn. This wonderfully soft material in its many vibrant colours is used lovingly with every hand knitted piece. Waddler ensures that all their knitters are paid three times the minimum wage so kids are able to afford school materials and families are altogether living a happier life. The alpacas also allow for sustainability as they're the most eco-friendly agriculture animals on the planet.


What's not to love?! As well as supporting a happy workforce and happy animals, we can't get enough of the nomadic lifestyle which inspires these gorgeous pieces. Whether it's their use of quirky pierrot collars or fabulously fun animal ears, your child will love wearing their clothes as much as you love cuddling up to them in their soft, alpaca knitwear.


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* Please note, our collection by Waddler is expected to drop mid-September.