Wooden Story

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Inspired and created in Poland's Beskidy Mountains, Wooden Story design children's toys centred on simplicity and imagination. Each toy is made to improve the scenes- they're smooth to touch, catch the eye with their natural dyed colours and smell of the forest.

These toys are made completely of green and sustainable ingredients. The wood comes from the Borowy family forest which is FSC certified and the products are painted with eco-certified paints, free from harmful substances, and they're each polished with beeswax for a silky soft finish. Finally, each piece is presented in fabric bags for longevity and cardboard boxes made fully from recycled materials. 


Not only are Wooden Story the green dream when it comes to sustainable giving for children, but we love toys which step away from piercing noises and flashing lights and instead ignite a sense of mystery, imagination and simplicity for modern children.

Our favourite product is the Peace & Love® wooden blocks, a simple way to inspire wholesome values in your children such as love, friendship and consciousness. With younger generations getting more and more sucked into the 'I want' mentality, we think that toys by Wooden Story are a nostalgic way to inspire a simpler childhood.


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