Savon Stories, Argan Oil, Clary Sage

Savon Stories, Argan Oil, Clary Sage

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Made in England from raw and organic ingredients, this clary sage and neroli argon oil can be used on face, body and hair to nourish and add moisture. This oil is rapidly absorbed into the skin so both mummy and baby are left feeling soft, smooth and rejuvenated.

Clary sage has often been used by aromatherapists to help speed up a slow labour due to it's oestrogen like properties. The fragrance of clary sage oil is also used to prevent anxiety and can help prevent any bleeding after birth.

For an extra boost during labour, team up with our Shine scented candle for a thoughtful gift for a mum to be.

*Due to it's oestrogen like effects, it is advised not to use this oil in pregnancy unless under the consultation of an aromatherapist.

Dimensions: 60ml

Made in England from 100% organic ingredients