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Hand knitted in Bolivia from the softest alpaca wool, our Waddler sweater with fun, rainbow design is a fantastic unisex piece for babies and toddlers this winter.  It's snuggly fabric, means children will be comfy and warm throughout the colder months.

Care Instructions:

This item is made from 100% natural alpaca fibre and must be hand-washed only. When hand washing, it is best to use cashmere/wool specific detergents like Woolite. For all items with buttons it is recommended to undo the buttons before washing to stop any stretching. The item should then be laid flat to reshape and allowed to dry naturally.

Handwashing instructions below:

  1. Soak item in luke warm water with a mild detergent
  2. Gently distribute the suds. DO NOT WRING (This can stretch the item)
  3. Rinse with clean luke warm water
  4. Gently squeeze excess water from item
  5. Reshape items and dry flat away from direct sunlight
  6. Once dry, iron on a cool setting

Hand knitted in Bolivia from 100% alpaca wool.

Waddler Size Chart